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What is Mitochondria in Biological Sciences

What is Mitochondria in Biology

Mitochondria were first observed by “Altmann” in 1894 who described as “bioblasts”. Benda (1897) called them “mitochondria”. (mitoG =thread; chondrionG=granule). The number of mitochondria varies with the cell type and functional stages. In eukaryotes, approximately 2000 mitochondrias occupies one-fifth of its total cell volume. The mitochondrial chemical composition is concerned, mitochondria ... Read More »

Importance of Forensic Science Courses

What is the Importance of Forensic Science courses? Forensic sciences or forensics is the application of various scientific methods and principles to investigate criminal and civil actions which are of interest to the legal systems. All the clues collected from a crime scene are analyzed by forensic scientists in a ... Read More »

Basics and Amino acids Classification Download ebook

Amino acids can be classified into 4 types: Classification based on the position of “-NH2” Classification based on the composition of “-R’ side chain Classification based on the Nutritional requirement Classification based on the Metabolic Fate Download Amino acids Study material FREE [email-download download_id="778" contact_form_id="776"] a) Classification based on the ... Read More »