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Importance of Forensic Science Courses

What is the Importance of Forensic Science courses? Forensic sciences or forensics is the application of various scientific methods and principles to investigate criminal and civil actions which are of interest to the legal systems. All the clues collected from a crime scene are analyzed by forensic scientists in a ... Read More »

Basics and Amino acids Classification Download ebook

Amino acids can be classified into 4 types: Classification based on the position of “-NH2” Classification based on the composition of “-R’ side chain Classification based on the Nutritional requirement Classification based on the Metabolic Fate Download Amino acids Study material FREE a) Classification based on the position of “-NH2”: ... Read More »

What is Amino acid and its Structural Chemistry?

What is Amino acid and its Structural Chemistry?-BiochemDen

What is Amino acid? Amino acids are monomeric units of proteins. Proteins are high molecular weight organic polymer. Although about 200 to 300 amino acids occur in nature, only 20 of them are seen in human body. What is Amino Acid ? Before going to discuss what is amino acids, ... Read More »