Do you know how your Eye Cornea works?

If you wear glasses or contact lenses (myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia …), it is a priority because your eye has a defect. But do you know that? What is the cornea ? What is the role of the retina ? And the lens , what is it?

Do you know how your Eye Cornea works?

To better understand how we correct your sight, I suggest you explain how a human eye “normal” work.

1) General Operation

The eye is the organ that allows a human being to catch the light, and then analyze and interact with its environment. This is a fairly complex organ composed of different “layers”, each with a specific role in vision.

2) The cornea, “setter light”

When the light comes to the human eye, it is received directly on  the cornea  : this is also the only membrane of the human body is completely transparent. The cornea is going to let the light (like a window in a house) and we regularly blink, it is precisely to maintain thoroughly clean the cornea of our eyes.

3) the iris, or the light controller

Once the light passed through the cornea, it encounters  the iris our eye, which will provide control of light:

  • if the beam is too strong, the iris contracts;
  • if it is too low, it expands.
4) The crystalline ensures the development

The beam then passes through the lens  : it is he who will be the focus so that the image is in focus on the retina. The lens is therefore, somehow, like a zoom camera.

5) The retina sends to the brain … upside down!

The retina is located at the back of the eye and receives the image it receives from the cornea and lens. It’s like a movie screen on which images are projected. The role of the retina of our eye is to transmit these images to the brain via the optic nerve .For this, the information received by the retina are processed by millions of small rods and cones, which transform them into electrical impulses.

But did you know that if you look at a character, it arrives on your retina … upside down? and it is also, as will be transmitted to the brain!

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